Mental amnesia

Young children have no absolutely no concept of time. Whether we are talking about time in minutes, hours, days, or years. I can’t tell you how many times my son and I have discussed this concept. This conversation usually occurs because he is complaining about how long the task I have given him will take, or that his amount of TV/gaming time is too short. I feel like a broken record when I tell him to enjoy his young life, and stop wishing to grow up so fast. How many of us can actually recall contemplating how fast time is flying by as a kid? Most children are too busy running around, enjoying life, too busy to think about how soon this time will be but a memory. 

As we age it’s natural for us to reminisce, or look back on our life if you will. Our memories are mixed of good and bad, because no life is ever perfect. They are engraved in our psyche, whether we should be looking back is a question in itself. If you are battling any type of mental struggle, one of the most common tools used is to focus on positive thoughts. But don’t you know it, those negative, self condemning, worry about the past mind controlling beliefs snake their way in. 

The bible story about Lot and his wife is a widely known lesson. In the book of Genesis chapters 18-19 you can read about why they had to flee the city they were currently living in. The city of Sodom and Gomorrah was very corrupt, with a whole bunch of sin happening right, left, and center. I wouldn’t want to be hanging around there, let alone calling it my home. For the purpose of context, I’ll just tell you what is needed,  God was very angry about the happenings in this city. He decided that the only solution was to “clean up”, aka eliminate this city. Hold on though! God sent two angels that warned Lot to get out  with his family before they destroyed the city. Lot and his family were given simple instructions Genesis 19:17 “As soon as they had brought them out, one of them said, “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away”  Not complicated at all, basically – run, don’t stop, don’t look back! 

If we try and put ourselves in their shoes, I’m sure we can agree that it would be difficult to leave your home and not look back. There are times in our lives that God will remove us from a situation for our benefit. Part of our job is to not look back, or try to reclaim what He has eliminated from our lives. We may not understand why He has decided to remove something from our life, but I can assure you there is always a reason bigger than we can even fathom. Clearly we can see why Lot and his family were removed from their home, but you may not understand why He has done that in your life. There are memories, things, events that I habitually work to not look back on and/or “mourn” the loss. Some I can’t quite tell you for sure why they have been “eliminated”, but I can confidently affirm that it was surely for my good.

As you know I am also the creator of headbands for my home business. If you didn’t know this, well nice to meet you! I have become quite familiar with sewing in the last year and a half. This past week as I was hemming curtains for someone the thing a sewist fears the most became a possibility. The thread in the color I needed was running dangerously low, and there was no replacement in my stash. For sure I could run out and purchase some more, but with a young toddler at home you never simply “run out”. Any of you mommas reading can then understand why I started to pray for just enough to finish the job. Really though I began praying for just enough, and as I continued to sew the last curtain, my head constantly looked back over the machine! Everytime I looked back and there was still thread coming out, I praised God! This got me thinking about the scripture I just read earlier that morning – Psalm 77: 11-12 “I will remember the works of the Lord; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will also meditate on all your work, and talk of your deeds.” My mind reflected on the past as the machine kept threading, God did it before, He will do it again! Looking back is not always a bad thing when we are meditating on the right things. In fact as you can surely comprehend from this scripture, we are to look back on the works of the Lord. This is what allows us to power through, especially in our trials. We can look back and uplift ourselves with all the good deeds, miracles, and other situations He has pulled us through. 

Have you gotten a case of mental amnesia lately? Perhaps your circumstances have impaired your ability to look back on the works of the Lord. Practicing mental amnesia is imperative if you are going to fight properly against thoughts created to neutralize you as a child of God. This practice is one that needs to become your everyday, so natural that you don’t realize that you’ve been doing it all day. Don’t be fooled or let your guard down though, as soon as you do, the enemy crawls in like a bat in the day! Did you know that bats usually look for solace during the day? These little guys only need a hole about the size of a nickel to seep into your space! They seek for their roost during the day, and live their best life at night. We see them as creatures of the night, mostly because well they are creepy (sorry I have no better word for it). But when you least expect it they are looking for a place to set up camp, and they will come back all the time. In fact during the winter they usually hibernate for six months or longer. Take a minute to think about that. Do you really want that creepy crawly hibernating in your “attic” ever so quietly disturbing your peace? Close up any tiny holes, cracks, or leaks! 

The other side of mental amnesia I wish to close up on is how it can be detrimental to our spiritual health. How often do we forget what the Lord has done for us? Or what He has pulled us through time after time.  This is why mental amnesia requires us to be intentional about our thoughts. We do not want to be so caught up with guarding our thoughts, that we forget to look back on what the Lord has done. If you are struggling with your thoughts, take a minute or longer to look back, and keep doing it. Just as I did today looking back on the thread that continued to flow with continual praise. When things are bad and you feel like there is absolutely nothing to praise Him for, because things are so bleak, worship Him for the wonders of old. As you begin to remember and praise, you will surely feel your heart, mind, and soul begin to lift. Today speak out loud, find a place where you can be alone with the Lord, lift up His name, remembering with a thankful heart!


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