A journey’s ride

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter the sound of British Columbia rain hitting the ground at the Victoria airport. Clouds are sweeping across the sky, and you can tell the sun is not going to make an appearance today. Feeling nostalgic as memories flood my mind and heart from my childhood. The hustle and bustle of the airport in the arrival zone is contagious, as people greet each other with much excitement. A grandmother meeting her grandson for the first time, family hugging and jumping on each other after a long time apart. I have never been in this airport with it so busy, travelers wait for their bags to arrive on the conveyor belt patiently. There is an atmosphere of love as everywhere you look someone is smiling from ear to ear! 

 If you’ve ever lived in British Columbia then you know that rain is a regular occurence. As normal as a -20 freezing January day in the capital of Canada. Perhaps because it has been so long since visiting I find it soothing and somehow poetic. My luggage came quickly, and I felt ready for a week of “me time” that I haven’t had in nearly 3 years. Finding a bench wasn’t difficult as I waited for my ride to arrive. Standing there in excitement looking at every entrance in anticipation for my journey to begin. Approximately 20 minutes go by and I think perhaps it might be wise to call my ride. No, no I think to myself just be patient, keep waiting at least another 10 minutes. Tick tock tick tock time goes by quickly, and I decide it’s time to at least check in on my ride. 

As I dial the phone and my ride picks up on the other end, my heart drops a little. Unfortunately there must have been a miscommunication and the days were mixed up, my ride was nowhere near the airport. As we continue to talk on the phone, it’s decided that I should just take a cab to the ferry. Honestly, it was the best decision in this particular situation. You see Victoria is not like any other city, to be honest the entire province of British Columbia is hard to compare to other Canadian provinces. It’s like a little world in itself between the ocean and the humongous trees. My point is, to get where I was going was not just a simple car ride, I needed to cross a huge body of water. Hence the reason for the ferry ride, which is one of my fondest childhood memories. By the time my ride would get to the airport, it would have taken me half the time to jump on the ferry as a foot passenger. 

Can I be real with you though? Regardless of the reason for the mishap, my heart was hurt. I simply felt forgotten, and if you’ve ever experienced that emotion, then you know it’s not enjoyable. People do not forget things on purpose, in fact if you ponder this word you’ll realize that it’s an accident. Nobody forgets to eat on purpose, but we do it all the time. I’m talking to someone here, I can’t be the only one that gets busy and forgets to eat. Light headed, feeling faint, maybe a little nauseous you then realize that you haven’t eaten anything yet! Car accidents happen, yet just because it is an accident, this does not ease the pain from the injuries incurred. Yep, I cried on my little bench in the airport while trying to pull myself together. Feeling alone and wondering why in the world would this be happening? At times the tears are what gets us through to the next step, not to be mistaken with weakness, hiding our emotions is where we can go wrong. I spoke with my husband on the phone and he helped me come together, and tells me that he’s praying for me. I sit there for maybe 5 minutes then I pick myself up, grab some cash and head out the airport doors. 

The rain has gone from feeling comforting to now depressing as my mind slowly starts to switch. If you haven’t read my previous blog called “Travelling minds” you may want to take a peek for perspective on the power of our thoughts.  With very little experience grabbing a cab I selected the first one waiting at the exit doors of the airport. As the cab driver hops out of the cab with a chipper attitude, he grabs my bags with much joy. I think to myself right off the bat “Wow, he is joyful, this is odd” Probably after seeing too many movies I have an image in my mind that all cab drivers are quiet and maybe even grumpy. Rightfully so perhaps, driving others around all day while they sit in the back on their phone, and not all customers are grateful or polite. As I settle in my seat, I grab my phone thinking this will be a quiet cab ride. He then begins to ask where I’m headed, and where home is for me. I’m thinking at this point “Dude, I don’t really want to chat, just let me wallow”. He’s insistent though, we converse about the rain in Victoria, and the cold in Ottawa. What happened next would have knocked me off my feet had I been standing, he began to talk about God. A large percentage of the population would rather not speak about God, it can even be seen as a taboo subject nowadays. This cab driver didn’t just mention God, but he went on and on about His goodness. Stating that people are never happy, it’s never enough, always needing more. One day we are unhappy it’s raining or snowing, the next we complain about the heat. That we need to realize that He is enough, and we have all we could ever need in Him. This man was really delighting in the goodness of God right in front of me. 

I knew right there and then that God was showing me that I was not forgotten. Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt in that moment. This experience was extremely surreal, who am I that He would make a point to remind me of what I mean to Him? When we feel forgotten often a common emotion that follows is unloved, not valuable, unimportant. But scripture tells us otherwise, Luke 12:7  says; But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows. Jeremiah 1:5  also says; “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” How can a God that knows the number of hairs on your head, and a God that knew you before you were formed forget you? 

It is equally important to touch on the cab driver’s message in that moment. That no matter what circumstances may arise, we need to find our worth in Him, knowing He is enough. Humans make mistakes, we forget, we say awful words, we hurt each other all the time. We disappoint each other all the time, which is why we cannot find our worth in others. We can and should love others, and find support in each other, but ultimately our worth should be entirely in Him. Let me write that again, your worth should be found ENTIRELY in Jesus. 

Today as you are reading this, whether you feel forgotten, unloved, or unimportant, know that there is a God that thinks about you all the time. He sees you, and understands your hurt. Allow Him to remind you that you are never forgotten! As you are reminded of this perhaps you can take the time to remind someone else that may need it.


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